– Enter Amazon Activation Code - The process of activating Amazon Prime Video on Roku is very easy but for this, you have to first create an account on Amazon Prime to get the registration code and then on Go and then enter the Amazon My TV activation code.

What is amazon prime? is perfect for owners of streaming platforms and devices. With Amazon Prime, you can watch more movies and TV shows on the Amazon Prime Video app. You can also take advantage of Amazon Prime on Fire TV, smart TV, streaming media player, game console, mobile phone, or tablet. More than 500 or 1000 videos are available on Amazon Prime and you can find them very easily by category.

If you want to enjoy the services of Amazon Prime, then you must first subscribe to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime Membership $119 will be easily available every year or $12.9 every month at very cheap prices and your best thing is that Amazon Prime gives you a free subscription for 30 days and you can cancel it anytime

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How to activate Amazon Prime on Roku?